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“Complete satisfaction rarely occurs upon finishing an artwork…..yet, the promise of it is felt in the process itself each time I begin a new painting .  It is this great insufficiency that drives me and is the discipline through which I refine my sensibilities"

“I Live to Paint”…. Spontaneity with Boundaries perhaps best describes my initial approach when starting a painting; transparency, layers of color and connectivity are of utmost importance. Rarely do I have a set outcome  in mind when I begin painting……the work just seems to evolve, and I adjust throughout the process. This is a more intuitive approach than having a detailed plan in mind. Quite often I see human forms in my paintings  and while unintentional, it pleases me to sense the connection between man and his surroundings.

Studying watercolor techniques for several years taught me patience and a unique way to find shapes and carve them out. This is a reverse process versus direct painting, yet both methods are necessary. It’s the tension between positive and negative spaces that bring the composition to life.

My evolution as an artist has taken many forms and my passion is to continually learn, explore and create, keeping my enthusiasm alive. I consider these impulses to be a gift for which I am eternally grateful.

Currently my works vary from representational to non-objective abstraction. Most recent paintings are in mixed media on PVC and wood panel. “A Studio” has been my workplace for the past 21 years and is in The Silos, Washington Arts District, Houston,Texas, Suite 117. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

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